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The Kenya’s main airport has been grounded for more than several hours, when the workers decided to have a strike at the airport. In this incident, many passengers have been stranded in Nairobi’s main airport!

The Kenya Airways workers were having a negotiation with the Kenya Airways. During the process, the workers asked for a rise of 130 percent, due to the low wages they’re accepting over the years! However, their request is immediately rejected by the Kenya Airways, as the airways owner said that have to close down the company, if they’re agreed to the demands!

In the strike, there are four top union members were arrested. These four top union members described that their salaries have not increased in the past few years. They’re only requesting what belongs to them!

According to the Kenya Airways, they’re hiring nearly 3,000 workers. If they agreed to the offer, then they have to pay the company’s annual wage up to US$10, which is sound ridiculous to them!


Well, after a long and struggling journey, Japan, one of the world’s largest economy forces, has been announced a great news.

Based on the Japan’s second quarterly report, the total GDP in the April-to-June had grown by 0.9 percent. Honestly, it’s truly an inspiring news to the Japanese, after four consecutive quarters of contraction!

The economists said the huge government stimulus package has been a big momentum that pushed the country’s economy into a positive grow rate.
Some of the countries, such as Hong Kong, France and Germany have been showing a positive GDP for the second quarterly as well. It’s a good sign, which the global economic downturn is starting to back on track again!

If everything is going fined and Japan is able to maintain its momentum, the economy would at least grow up to 3.0 to 3.2 percent for the whole year of 2012!

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced that the global economy has started to go out of the track. However, it needs many things to do, as it already left a deep scar on both supply and demand. It’s going to take more than ten years for the economy fully recover, if the next biggest worldwide economy turbulence hit on us!

Olivier Blanchard, the chief economist of IMF said although the economy is beginning to gain its momentum back, but the global output may remain in a lower stage for the new couples of years.

In this case, each of the country must re-balance their economies to make it more sustainable. As the world’s largest economy force, The United States should be concentrated more on exports, while the Asia regions have to be turned more to imports.

By the way, Mr. Blanchard has given warning that unemployment rate won’t peak until next year. He also mentioned that higher taxation is unavoidable, as it’s the cost of the economy crisis.

However, there’s also a big probability that the recession is returning after a few years of economic recovery. Hence, all the countries in the world should be cooperating and working with each other to avoid this catastrophe from happening again!

Many wealthy people love to keep their money in banks, as they thought it’s more secure and guarantee. In this case, the famous Swiss Bank, UBS have been a favorite bank for the people from all around the world, as the money that being kept inside the Swiss Bank, UBS cannot be investigated by anyone else! This means, it’s highly confidential and voided.

However, there are more than 150 US customers of the Swiss bank UBS are suspect to be involved in the tax avoidance. The suspects are accused of hiding income and assets. The main purpose of this act is to avoid paying US taxes!

Hence, the US government and UBS have agreed to resolve their dispute over tax evasion, by enabling the US government to check the 150 suspected USB’s account holders!

As a country’s resident, it’s our duty to pay the tax. So, don’t think you can run away from the tax, as the government will track you down. Once they found you’re guilty, due to the tax avoidance, then you have to prepare for the punishment!

In the business world, it’s a crucial factor to build up a great relationship with as many people as possible. You’re doomed to fail, if you trying to self-centered yourself, just like the North Korea did!

No doubt, that China has become one of the important forces in nowadays economy world. Many countries seem the opportunity and trying to engage a long relationship with China!

As the biggest force, the United States of America don’t want to fall behind, as they’ve agreed to shape a good relationship with China for the upcoming years.

Mr. Barrack Obama, the recently President of U.S., have mentioned that the relationship between the U.S. and China is going to shape the 21st century.

The US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue had carried out, which is mainly focusing on the economic recovery for both of the countries and worldwide!

China Vice Premier, Mr. Wang Qishan described the opening up of China’s economy is a great opportunity for the U.S. to boost up their seriously affected economy back on the right track!

However, this cooperation is more on the economy niche, so don’t expect too much on it, unless U.S. and China has agreed to take the cooperation further in the near future…

Many of the factories have been seriously affected by the recession, as the factories’ owners decided to freeze the workers’ salaries.

Well, in U.K., many workers work the works, but they’re not getting pay with the monthly salaries, as two-third of employers have been suspended salaries, from April to June!

Based on the EEF’s survey, the economic turmoil is giving a heavy bash on the U.K. manufacturing sector.

Many factories workers have been protesting about the unfair policy from their factory, and some of them even deciding to strike and show off their frustration!

The EEF described that it’s not the end yet, as they expect that average settlement levels in manufacturing will continue to fall until the end of this year!
Hang it there, guys. I’m sure you’ll be able to go through the toughest moment.

Many shareholders are starting to suffer, when the company they’re invested didn’t gain any profit or having the bankruptcy crisis.

Today’s topic is focusing on the former Northern Rock shareholders, which have lost their appeal in the latest stage of their challenge to the government’s compensation plan!

The shareholders had already appealed their frustration against a High Court in February. The main purpose of the appeal is to refuse a judicial review of the fairness of the government’s scheme. They’re requested for a fair compensation.

For your information, the Northern Rock have nearly bankrupted in 2007, due to the unsubstantial credit crisis. After the unexpected crisis, it has been turned into a nationalize bank in February 2008!

When the bank has been nationalized, the government said that the subsequent valuation for compensation should be totally based on the assumption, which Northern Rock has nothing to do with it!

Because of the above incident, the former Northern Rock shareholders were pissed off and they’d decided to appeal the case to the High Court.

The bad news was the former shareholders had defeated in the appeal. However, the former shareholders said that they won’t give up and will fight for their rights!

In the last few days, I’ve observed and figured out the main causes of the recession. Today, I would like to sum it up, why some companies/people are seriously hit by economic turmoil, while others seem to be fined or even profit from it!

Did you know that over 80 percent of the companies/people don’t want to face up with any financial issues in the early stage, as they thought it’s only a small matter and won’t cause any further problem. They’re starting to panic and helpless, when the things are getting out of control!

Like the old adage saying, “Never put all your eggs in the same bucket”. Hence, you cannot invest all your money into the business, as you must keep a portion of capital fund besides you, in case, there’s an emergency!

Plus, it’s a wise choice to put some of the money into the bank saving account, as your money is well-protected under the coverage of bank.

By the way, if you’ve any question with your online business, don’t hesitate to ask for help/suggestions from other experts. If you don’t mind, I would be glad to help you off from the misery. So, feel free to drop me an email, if you’re facing any difficulties in your business! I’ll try my best to assist you.

India, the second most populated countries (Only after China), is currently struggling with the insufficient electricity supplies. If you’ve watched the Slumdog Millionaire, you noticed that up to 90 percent of the people who living in the Mumbai’s slums is terrible and horrific!

Honestly, most of the slums’ residents have no choice, but to choose between using their hard earn money to pay for foods or electricity!

Due to the extreme poverty, the residents would consider to steal power in the slums, since they cannot afford the high electricity bills payment. They knew it’s an illegal act and may cause them in trouble, but they’re taking the risk, as they don’t want their youngsters doing homework in dark!

Therefore, we’re a whole lot luckier than these people. In this case, we should learn to conserve the usage of electricity more efficiently.

While most of the countries in Asia region facing the bad recession, South Korea’s economy has reported with the fastest economy growth in the past five and a half years!

Based on the gross domestic product report, the statistic has arisen 2.3 percent from the previous three months.

The South Korea’s central bank mentioned that the three factors, which as increased government spending, the aid for car buyers and the record of low interest rates have helped to boost up the economy!

South Korea’s total exports rose 14.7 percent in the second quarter, compared with the first quarter. It’s a really good sign of economy recovery for South Korea.

South Korea’s economy is regarded as the third largest in Asia region and 13th in the worldwide. Hence, it plays an important roles in the contribution, in either Asia or world economy progression!


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