Today News: 4K Why PERTH Is The Worst City In The World

Today News: 4K Why PERTH Is The Worst City In The World

Australia News: 4K Why PERTH Is The Worst City In The World

Western Australia: An Inexhaustible Land of Dreams. All shots collected over a year worth of videos shows a strikingly astounding blueprints of Perth from an aerial view perspective unlike never before. I had a dream of showing the world of our diversities, iconic landmarks, and its ever growing culture that glued us as best neighbours.

Would really appreciate if you could consider sharing with your friends, family and the world that you are proud of living in this remarkable city.

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Aerial: DJI Phantom 4 Advanced

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39 Replies to “Today News: 4K Why PERTH Is The Worst City In The World”

  1. Perth is the worst.

    Too many sunny days and too many great beaches and parks to spend them at.
    Definitely too much green grass around the Swan River.
    Absolutely too much nature in Kings Park and a number of other parklands.
    Easily too many beautiful places within a few hours drive of the city for holiday getaways.
    Perth Arena and Optus Stadium are too new and too world class to host sports and entertainment events.
    Oh and there’s waaaaay too many awesome people around the place.

    But…. we may hang around a bit longer and see if it improves a bit.

  2. Looks great. But after 6 years l got the hell out. Never changes. Stuck in the 80's . All they go on about is the sun. More to life than weather. Give me east coast any day.

  3. I've been to Perth. A nice mixture of a cityscape and nature. I wish I didn't get sick during our visit to Lancelin; I would've sand boarded and love the place even more. I'm hoping to come here again someday.

  4. Fly your drone down Murray street at 3am to view the hundreds of homeless sleeping on the footpath. 3am is the best time because that's when the street washer trucks with the men with hoses come and spray all the piss off the footpath while making sure they get the odd homeless person too. Looks great from the sky but come back down to earth and we have serious issues.

  5. 35yrs ago you could walk out on the jetty, at Sandy beach park, along the Swan River and still see the bottom. Some one dumped crude oil in it And shit pesticides nearly killed it. Sad.

  6. Fuck you man. I get that part of the video is to show how the beauty of Perth is in it's quietness and cleaness in abscence of tourists, but I don't care.

    You make a fucking brash statement in the title and I except a conoact 3 minute explanation of the failures of Perth. City design, traffic design, pollution, public trabsport, anything. But all I get is pretentious overfly footage of some city. Looks nice and all but the title promised me a brash point supported by facts, I got overfly footage with no commentary. Just rename it to "best city" instead of "worst" then people like me won't confuse it with the educational stuff I like to watch.
    And was your goal to get more tourists to Perth? Because that it did. If a person clicks on this video based on the title and thumbnail we think you will make points why Perth is shit. Instead we got beautiful overfly footage. So we check out the comments to get more context and we learn about the low tourism in Perth amd thats why the video has this title. Sounds line a great fucking place to visit as a tourist, right?

    In the long run you're increasing tourism. With more tourists you destroy what you would call beautiful about the city Perth. Now Perths beauty is gone and is like any tourism rotten city. It really became the worst city so your title would be correct, but now your video shows the beautiful Perth that was destroyed by this very video. I don't get the purpose of the video.

    I hate this video.

  7. It might look interesting in this collection of video clips but beneath the surface there is a hidden history of dispossession, theft and murder of Aboriginal people. Take the example of Rottnest Island, for example, a former concentration camp and torture centre, now all dressed up for the tourists with their two hundred dollar a night suites in the former gulag.

  8. I had to go fishing at Rotorua on the weekend and bag out on snapper then come home and have an arvo surf, then I had to have dinner at the beach watching the sunset. This is a total rubbishy dump!

  9. You have some really cool shots around Perth. Excellent job mate. I am wanting to put together a promotion for a friend whom is trying to get more people into exercise by starting walking groups. Is there any chance that I could have your permission to use some of your shots to edit into the promo? Thanking you in advance.

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