Today News: Belmont Foreshore | 9 News Perth

Today News: Belmont Foreshore | 9 News Perth

Australia News: Belmont Foreshore | 9 News Perth

The state’s largest redevelopment project is set to transform the Belmont foreshore into a high rise mecca


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  1. And that’s not going to stuff the river yer right don’t litter the swan but it’s ok to destroy it Perth has become that expensive that the average person can’t afford meat housing or their bloody bills no work and mostly casual 2-3 days a week , Barnett govt stuffed it into debt and labour is no better buying planes , fix our bloody hospitals , and put some funding into mental health and help the average people of Perth , cops don’t even get workers comp , SHAME SHAME SHAME , labour is no better than the libs , self serving , question what happen to the $500 thousand cash out of bank that went missing under Barnett that was swept under the carpet never mentioned again ,!!!!

  2. We will see . Better stick to our codes . Most of the new developments have been poor construction and toxic materials used .better hope the waters dont rise . I guess global warming is a lie or they would not build this on the water like that eh .

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