Today News: Cycling in Perth (Australia)

Today News: Cycling in Perth (Australia)

Australia News: Cycling in Perth (Australia)

Some impressions of cycling in Perth from my recent trip to Australia. More information in the blog post:


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  1. I'm so glad you had a positive experience in Perth. Australia has such a car-centric culture, being a cyclist often makes you a target of ignorant hate.
    However cycling must play a key part in modern and future transport solutions, and upgrading bike paths is a win-win – safer access for riders, and less cars on the roads for drivers. But drivers often complain about ANY investment in cycling infrastructure, and simply demand we build more roads (that will then get filled up with more cars!)

  2. I lost my licence for 6months 5.5months ago.working for myself I have had to employ drivers I have had 7 different drivers to be exact driving my Ute it's been interesting say the least still for times I still need to get around or I'm working on a job for a period of time I brought a bike. gosh 30 years ago I could ride a bike at night no hands & roll a cigarette easy anyway that's not me know I would crash attempting that now still what I have noticed now riding a bike that I never cared to see when driving a car is the growing infrastructure been built to allow for cyclists that 12 months ago I would of been saying how impressed Iam with the governments commitment for better roads that today Iam impressed × 2. what a beautiful place to live..

  3. Why are you trying to apply a small country's system to a continent country? All I hear from this video is gross ignorance even after they've visited here! I mean my god do you not know about cyclists not having right of way as they do in central Europe? You cyclists think you should have right of way but guess what, you don't. Just go back to doing what you do best and that is letting in rapists and terrorists.

  4. Cycling in Perth can be a nightmare if your using it as a means to commute. I've lived there so I guess I'm qualified to say a few words. If its not the heat or strong winds blowing against you in most cases distances can be very far depending on where your coming from and going to, you can't cycle long distances in a short space of time, the place is just too big, if your not say for example journeying along well marked out routes from a suburb close to the CBD a lot of the place has little to no cycling lanes at all. Perth can be very hilly in places also, factor in the hot and windy conditions will give the average cyclist a cardio workout they won't forget in a hurry, not a good look to arrive into work with.
    Australia in general has a reputation of poor attitude towards cyclists

    There is also a strict enforcement of a $100 fine for not wearing a bicycle helmet, I don't agree with this personally, Many other countries namely Holland don't have such strictness and instead show a play of common sense on the part of both cyclist and driver to watch where they're going.

    Over all Perth, not a great place to cycle for all of said conditions.

    One other pet hate of mine actually was the large groups of lycra clad cyclists that could be found around Perth, they often block up the lanes for other cyclists, it just goes to show cycling isn't taken seriously as a means of transportation or commuting and more of a hobby in Perth because the car is King due to the sprawl of the place, its literally the Los Angeles of Australia.

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