Today News: Emotional neglected dog rescue and transformation – SAFE Perth

Today News: Emotional neglected dog rescue and transformation – SAFE Perth

Australia News: Emotional neglected dog rescue and transformation – SAFE Perth

In October 2016, a beautiful 6 month old pub was found severely malnutritioned and in a terrible state.. She was taken to the Broome Pound. We believe she had been suffering like this most of her short life.

She would have only known pain and neglect.

SAFE Perth flew her to Perth, picked her up and took her immediately to a vet and her new carer.

I was there to document this.

From the moment Kibby was picked up from the airport, I believe that she knew her life had been changed. Her little tail wagged and we still have no idea how she trusted us.. but she did.

This video documents the beginning stages of her rescue and transformation. We will keep everyone updated on her progress.

SAFE Perth are a non-profit organisation. They take on a rescue case like this knowing full well that the vet bills will be out of this world.. and they have been for young Kibby.

Any help we can get to take care of her, not to mention any help to allow us to continue rescues so similar to this one, will go further than you can imagine.

Please consider donating or supporting in a simple ‘share’… The ripple effect can do extraordinary things to a small rescue group such as SAFE who are made up of volunteers.


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  1. This poor little girl.  No animal deserves this!  I'm so glad she was found by you guys.  What a little sweetheart she is!  She knew she was being helped.  What a cutie she is!  I'm so glad she was safe at last.

  2. Wondering if tea tree oil or oregano oil might help with the skin infections… I use both myself… Oil of oregano internally kills virus… Shortens and or prevents head colds and chest cold… I'm 78 haven't had cold or flu all winter…

  3. This is a great story. Do senior citizens volunteer at SAFE at all? I lost my little man in May this year, he was nearly 15, we still have his sister who is two years younger but my wife doesn't want any more dogs after this little girl goes. I thought maybe I could help out somehow? I would be happy to donate but I've been on a disability pension for the past 12 years and it's difficult to help financially. We sponsor two children in Cambodia so we are doing what we can. Maybe we could help nurse dogs back to health again? Anyway if you read this and think I can help in any way then please give me a way of contacting you. Many thanks. Chris.

  4. Gracias a esa familia no hay que tener asco los que tenemos sentimientos buenos no sentimos asco por un animalito que encontremos los más limpios son los que tienen el corazón y el alma más sucia chile

  5. There should be animals justice ⚖ to be put into exercises.
    Animal abusers should not walk freely after they commit crimes to the poor innocent and helpless animals. Animals suppose to be protected not to be tortured, abuse and kill.
    Please by all means, if you can't afford food for yourselves don't ever try to have pets because they are living beings not toys or old clothes that you can throw away once you have enough with it.
    Remember, karma is exist!
    Thank you rescuers and donatures.

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