Today News: Growing Up In Perth

Today News: Growing Up In Perth

Australia News: Growing Up In Perth




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  1. Merge why can't the people in the left lane move to the right because the left is disappearing and why do people in the right indicate left you are already in the correct lane.

  2. OMG!!! I CAN SO RELATE TO THIS VIDEO!!! I just found your channel and thus is hilarious… The optus stadium looks gross and Rip Bayswater Bridge!

  3. Ok too relatable! Exciting tan you grew up here and that sign is one I pass at least once a week( sign at the start of the video) because I live in Mandurah, Dawesville to be specific and you've gone viral and it makes me proud that you're a Perth local
    And here I go on about TELETHON the most exciting part of my year I may get too excited for it so much that it's become my birthday party I'm 12 but I've managed to stay awake for every telethon since I was 9 and this year I'm super excited and next year I'm auditioning to perform and they should display it better cause more people would then come to Perth anyways yayyyyyyy I live for telethon
    Also my Grandparents live in the hills and Perth is UNDERRATED so yeah plus we were the state that got Australia founded and I can't say how relatable this is and don't forget the Scitech excursions

  4. I grew up in Perth, moved to Sydney for 15yrs & came back to Perth. I like Perth, the people are very social, nice & relaxed living. But I'm not like that anymore & I've really struggled to fit in. I've tried for 2yrs to fit in but it hasn't worked 🙁 So I'm moving back to Sydney

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