Today News: Living in Perth vs Living in Sydney | Expat Life | Say Hello

Today News: Living in Perth vs Living in Sydney | Expat Life | Say Hello

Australia News: Living in Perth vs Living in Sydney | Expat Life | Say Hello

After living in Perth for two years and Sydney for a year, I thought I’d do a comparison of the two with the positives and negatives! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE EXPAT CONTENT!
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Note: I am slightly biased towards Perth as I’ve travelled there every year to visit family/friends since the age of 7. Soz.

Basically, Perth is great for families and is super laid back and chilled with amaze beaches and food. Sydney is great for young adults who love bars and beaches and a city with lots going on.


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  1. What I noticed in Sydney being from Perth, renting in Sydney is so expensive and so far from city of you want I love 5 min walk to beach and 20 min drive to city and pat $300 per week for a 2bedroom townhouse

  2. Say Hello hie dear I'm moving in Perth 2020 I just want more information about rent near CBD please help me on how I can get a part time job while studying… please reply thank you

  3. I have lived in Sydney for 23 years and I want to move to Brisbane or Perth. I heard Brisbane is becoming another Sydney, yikes. I agree with everything you said. Beaches and Housing is better in Perth. Job opportunity is the main problem. 🙁

  4. LOL LOL "dull and dodgy" Hahaha this comment is sooo funny. Made me laugh. West Australian beaches are the best but 🙂 Sort of makes up for the crap night life having nicest beaches.

  5. Im a Student from Sri Lanka and hope to visit Perth for my higher education .I just need to clarify some things. 1. IS it easy to find a part time job while studying? 2.How about the job opportunities for IT field? 3. How about the living cost? plz help

  6. If you think Perth has horrible public transportation, just ask people who lives in Los Angeles.. probably the biggest city on earth with no reliable public transportation. Traffic can be a nightmare. Very long drive almost anywhere..

    I used to live in LA before moved to Perth and I think Transperth is much better than MTA in LA..

  7. lol I lived in city beach. My friends lived in Dalkeith, Claremont, Mosman Park…

    For those who don’t know that’s the blue ribbon top of the line suburbs where every house is three story with a pool and half of them have tennis courts.

    For the vast majority of ‘Perthies’ we live in places like ellenbrooke, Armadale, Clarkson, Mandurah, Wellard. There’s an immigration population map that’s recently been made available… coastal blue ribbon where she’s mentioned is mainly traditonal white Australia. North and inland is European immigration with quite high crime rates. 10-15 mins south on the freeway towards to coast is heavy industrial where the government is buying land because of the discovery of cancer clusters 🙁 inland south is poor white australia. Central east is Indian. Central south is Chinese. Central north used to be the red light/drug capital and still sorta is unfortunaty.

    There’s no flight curfews in perth and because of the heavy remote mining work (FIFO) any suburbs but the ones she’s lived in are exposed to quite high aircraft noise at all hours. Planes drop stop.

    She’s right about public transport and a car. You NEED a car. Unless you LOVE Netflix and computer games and get a place literally 100m from a bus/train stop then you’re going to have a bad time. Especially when it’s two weeks of 45 degree weather.

    All up Perth’s great for retirees, rich people and anyone in mining. For Everyone else, the suicide rates are sky high with almost monthly family suicides it’s super depressing. They keep a lot out of the news to discourage copycat mass suicides 🙁

    Sydney is much cooler. Has more opportunity of anything other than mining. If you know how to save and spent just a few hours planning a sydney stay it can be 10x better than perth. I’ve live in both cities back and forth for 15 years now and I don’t think I could live in perth permenantly. They recently opened the new city bus port and celebrated it having 70 chairs or something really sad like that lol all up a really nice place to live if you’re strong independent, like the idea of stepping back in time and the white Australia policy there’s a few country towns that have really embraced the past…

    Oh and if you want a laugh, head over to the perth reddit. Non stop hippie love next of ‘it’s ok to be white’ supporters who viciously defend Fremantle and the blue ribbon suburbs from the ‘immigration’ and rezoning/population density improvements and infrastructure developments.

  8. I've lived in Sydney & Perth, I personally prefer Sydney. I was absolutely shocked by the customer service in Perth, it took me over a year to stop mentally listing all of the things my old boss would've fired them for. I also found Perth people very hard to read like their personality was like the stepford wives movie & I found myself thinking wtf are they on?. Jobs in Perth are non existent & employers are very demanding of applicants, which doesn't make any sense given the display of customer service I've seen/experience there. I often felt like I should've said socialising with colleagues takes a higher priority than the customers at interviews. Perth is better suited to families & retirees, it's not a place you go too for a career.

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