Today News: Perth Australia: What to do in Perth

Today News: Perth Australia: What to do in Perth

Australia News: Perth Australia: What to do in Perth

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia.
Take a look at our adventure in this beautiful city with the perfect weather to go around and explore!.


44 Replies to “Today News: Perth Australia: What to do in Perth”

  1. Perth has a crystal method epidemic your place will get robbed car get broken into or yr headlight globes will get stolen Perth sucks I'm back in Sydney thank God

  2. is it true that the name perth is a abbreviation from the word pervert because alot pervert was in jail in this country to founder times and tjhe name Sydney cames from the word kidney is it true or

  3. people brought from britain for criminal offences like rape murder theft deported to land called australia when they came they kill more than hundred thousand aborgines people implement white policy now locked immigrant for unlimited years handcuff people without any criminal history those people were called australian

  4. Melbourne is the place to go Perth over priced fremantle war zone buildings closed boarded up markets embarrassing parking meters everywhere run by private company very expensive

  5. If u live in perth or u don't,don't put hate comments like "perth is boring"
    If u really think perth is boring, you can travel to other cities in australia…no big deal. Just saying btw ✌✌,and i think perth is beautiful

  6. Resident for many years in perth but lets be honest and state Perth is not a city like Melbourne or Sydney Period. It is a quieter city ,not to say it doesn't have its nightlife and fair share of good places to visit if on holidays. But if you want full on fast paced hectic ass crowds and dazzling eyesaws go to the east coast of Australia as Perth has always been a laid back behind the times city compared to it sister city's by design but who wants that when the outback is where its at not the city…

  7. Yes. Perth is too boring. I am so happy finally escape this place. Go east side of Australia. It is more fun even working opportunity better than here. I think here too demending to work hospitality coworkers and managers are not really great that i have experienced here 4place even in Aussie job. Too much competition And working place adventage of you without payment or shot money. Please avoiding winter season. Its horrible. You will be totally isolated coz raining storming chilly weather. Good bye Perth never coming back here again.

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