Today News: Perth Vlog 2018

Today News: Perth Vlog 2018

Australia News: Perth Vlog 2018

Join us as we explore the outdoor beauty of Perth, Western Australia and shoot a variety of film along the way!

Check out Cooper @shootswithcoops (Youtube + Instagram)

and Stephanie (Instagram)

Music by Federico Aldinucci


“untitiled” instrumental background music

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23 Replies to “Today News: Perth Vlog 2018”

  1. Top notch vlog!! Loved the vid, and watching you guys adventures! I’ll have to check out Coops channel as well. Always love learning about other film channels.

  2. I feel the same as Nick on this, this vlog was great, loved the cut, edit & feel of it! … I will also have to check this Coops' Channel and is so grate to see Sarah getting more and more involved.

  3. Theres a great Perth-based photographer who just finished exhibiting a documentary series (shot on mainly Portra 160 if I'm not mistaken). His instagram is @danxmartin !!

  4. Great video as always guys, your videos are the reason why I picked up a Minolta x300 and started shooting film, loving it more than my digital camera now. Hopefully you guys will keep the film community alive for as long as possible.

  5. Enjoyed the vid 🙂 Ever made / planning to make a review of that Olympus AF1? Been eyeing on one recently. Wanted to know if the lens and handling are any good

  6. This definitely gave me some inspiration to shoot on my trip to Perth in 2 weeks! Glad i came across this video. However, in case I need to stock up on film, are there any shops in town that sells film?

  7. really love the video – music, editing – everything ! really enjoying the vlogs as you guys have become the film couple. thanks for sharing other aussie youtubers and should come back to sydney again!

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