Today News: Qantas London to Perth Full Flight: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (Inaugural Flight)

Today News: Qantas London to Perth Full Flight: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (Inaugural Flight)

Australia News: Qantas London to Perth Full Flight: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (Inaugural Flight)

Full length, full flight video onboard the first ever non stop flight from the UK to Australia with Qantas onboard Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner VH-ZND, operating flight QF10 from London Heathrow to Perth on 25 March 2018.

*Every moment of the flight included from Heathrow to Perth. ATC and flight map for entire flight*




Our history making inaugural flight from London to Perth begins Hatton Cross near Heathrow Airport, as we take a tube from the famous Myrtle Avenue to Terminal 3. We enter the terminal where the festivities are underway, with lots of media and TV crews. We head to the gate where there are further celebrations. As boarding commences, I am pulled aside and asked if I would like to have a ramp tour to see the outside of the beautiful aircraft decorated by Aboriginal artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye “Yam Dreaming”. Once we’ve had a chance to see this aircraft up close from outside we are whisked back inside as the last passengers to board this flight!

The captain welcomes us aboard and we are soon pushed back for a very short taxi to runway 09R at Heathrow. We jump the queue and line up straight away, before making a long takeoff on Heathrow’s longest flight! Once airborne we proceed over Europe, towards Romania, the Black Sea and Turkey. The sun sets overhead Turkey and we continue over Iran, flying overhead Shiraz and getting a distant view of the lights of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We then cross the coast to the Indian Ocean, crossing the Maldives and passing the south coast of India and Sri Lanka heading towards Australia. The sun rises over the Indian Ocean, and the tinted window shades are cleared to give us a great view of the cloudscapes over the Southern Ocean. After 15 hours we commence our descent towards Perth. We break through the clouds for an approach over Perth’s southern suburbs, touching down ahead of schedule on runway 03.

We get a water cannon salute as we taxi to the terminal, before parking and making our way into a crowd of news reporters and media as we enter the arrivals hall. We hang around to watch the press interview the captain before making our way out to a rainy day in Western Australia.

0:00:04 Outside Hatton Cross Tube Station, London
0:00:20 Boarding London Underground for the short journey to Terminal 3
0:00:45 Onboard tube to Terminal 3
0:01:00 Walking from tube to Terminal 3
0:05:24 Outside Terminal 3, walking into terminal to checkin area
0:07:12 Celebrations at check in area
0:08:06 Walking to security
0:09:05 View of aircraft on stand
0:09:55 Celebrations at gate 1
0:10:12 Boarding commences
0:10:39 We are invited to go down to the ramp to get some shots of the aircraft!
0:11:09 Gate staff re-open the gate to let us board
0:15:31 Boarding our aircraft and walking to our seat
0:26:38 Captain welcomes us aboard this inaugural flight
0:29:12 Pushback, engine start
0:30:43 Safety video
0:36:30 Taxi to runway 09R
0:44:38 Line up and takeoff runway 09R
0:57:14 Cabin view
1:01:13 Cabin view
1:04:00 Amenity kits distributed
1:12:09 Passing traffic: easyJet Airbus A320
1:16:58 Cabin view
1:25:39 Passing traffic: Pegasus B737-800
1:32:02 Passing traffic: Swiss B777-300ER
1:34:22 Frankfurt Airport
1:47:24 BBC reporter Simon Calder interviewing cabin crew
2:00:08 Bathroom view, views of forward economy cabin
2:14:22 Cabin walkaround
2:14:55 Passing traffic: Qatar Cargo B777
2:21:36 Captain walks around the cabin meeting the passengers
2:22:15 Snack service: Gin & tonic, Pretzels
2:55:47 Watching TV
3:10:59 Menu overview
3:51:03 Start of first meal service
3:55:58 Meal service
4:02:44 Dinner: Roast chicken salad and red wine
04:13:23 Enjoying a glass of wine as the sun sets
04:27:18 Sunset
04:42:07 Cabin view
04:47:38 Cabin walkaround
04:52:27 Cabin walkaround
04:54:07 Rear galley
05:12:39 Bedtime drinks: Hot Chocolate
05:16:05 Tour of airshow map system
05:22:40 Tour of inflight entertainment (IFE) system
06:33:22 IFE in sleep mode
09:06:58 Snack service: Carrot sticks and houmous
10:28:27 Snack service: Calzone
12:44:46 Crossing equator
13:20:30 View of cabin
13:30:28 Airshow map
13:32:08 Window shades lighten revealing a beautiful sunrise
13:34:12 Comparison between window shades at darkest and lightest
13:40:42 Energising fruit juice – fruit, beetroot and spinach
14:11:41 Cabin walkaround
14:13:57 View of rear cabin
14:21:30 Breakfast service – omelette
15:09:24 Cabin view
15:22:48 Airshow map
15:52:53 Airshow map
16:24:02 Cabin view
16:18:30 First officer updates us on our arrival
16:51:29 Approach and landing on runway 03 at Perth
16:54:51 Water cannon salute
17:04:04 Disembarking aircraft, walking to immigration
17:07:16 Entering the arrivals hall
17:08:19 TV crews in the arrivals hall
17:09:30 Captain is interviewed by TV
17:10:57 Exiting terminal to street


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  1. If I ever want to realy punish somebody, I would buy him a ticket on this flight and purchase the middle seat right at the back of the aircraft near the toilets……

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