Today News: QANTAS | Perth to London | 787 | BUSINESS CLASS

Today News: QANTAS | Perth to London | 787 | BUSINESS CLASS

Australia Today: QANTAS | Perth to London | 787 | BUSINESS CLASS

Currently, the Qantas 787 flying from Perth to London is the third longest flight in the world. Clocking in at just over 17 hours, the flight from Perth to London links Australia and the United Kingdom in a way that’s never been possible before.

As an #AvGeek, this flight has been on my “bucket list” for a long time. I’m excited to share Qantas Dreamliner service from Perth to London with you!

Like all ultra long-haul flying, Qantas 787 service from Perth to London is unique because it requires a lot of time in the seat. By watching this video, you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to fly this route without as much effort. Qantas Business Class is among the best out there. Especially on the Qantas Dreamliner.

I’ll share my experiences with the Qantas Business Class crew, the Qantas 787 seat, the Qantas Dreamliner Inflight Entertainment, and the Qantas Perth to London service.

This video highlights the food, drinks, and experiences from this Qantas Perth to London flight.

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43 Replies to “Today News: QANTAS | Perth to London | 787 | BUSINESS CLASS”

  1. Btw, this video has really inconsistent audio levels.
    Narration I need to turn to the volume.
    In person way too loud.

    Not trying to be a troll, legit critique

  2. I enjoy your trip reports, and this is another super one. But please, when you edit, check audio levels. On this report, some segments were screaming loud, and others almost inaudible.

  3. I would not fly on a plane with all the windows closed. I get claustrophobic. The whole flying
    thing is claustrophobic but I like flying if I can look out the window. Without the windows it is
    like being trapped in a metal cylinder.

  4. Jeb, superb video as always! I always appreciate your honesty about what the airlines do and do not do well. The window issue on this flight would have driven me crazy. But it looks like from the comments below that this may be a standard practice among the airlines. This is a flight I will likely never take, so I get more from simply seeing all the very neat things you get to experience and explain to us so well. In light of that, if you ever wonder if your videos are too long…they aren't!! Of course, it's easy for me to say that since the only work I do is clicking the start icon on my computer. I know there are countless man hours AND man dollars that go into producing these videos. Just know that they're greatly appreciated not only by other flyers who are looking for the best travel tips out there but by people like me who take 17-hour trips in a short 20-minute YouTube video just because we can. Keep them coming; we love living vicariously through you with every single trip you post. I guarantee you you'll never hear the words "your videos are too long" from my lips…er…fingers!

  5. Apparently, the whole concept of the service is designed to get travelers to feel refresh and well rested once landed into LHR. It was so well planned and though for that even the timing of your food served and the menu created is to specifically to give you that mood and to avoid jet lag. I must say I am impressed and I think what separates Qantas with the rest is that rather than competing with the best of the best product or the most extensive range of food to be served, you come up with what's best for my traveler during and also after their flight. I agree with you that Qantas really nailed on the comfort with their seat. Recently on Singapore Airline new business class, I had to sleep in a weird angle with no pajamas given which missed the mark on comfort for me.

  6. Hey Jeb,

    Excellent video!! You really do produce the most professional, candid and enjoyable videos!! You should have a travel program on the Travel Channel!!!

    Can't wait to try this flight myself.

    Warmest Regards,

    Daniel K.

  7. VOLUME advice.. listen to the first half of the video and meal chimes with a high quality set of noise cancelling headphones …….. placed on your lap. Then pop them on to your ears about half way through the video. Only kidding … any headphones would work and nice video mate.

  8. G'day Jeb, Liked the video a lot. I don't know why so many commenters dwell on the window thing. You were seated over the middle of the starboard wing; it was a total night flight flying over a lot of ocean and under-developed countries. If you've seen lights from the ground at night in an aircraft at 35K or 38K you've seen 'em all. Sorry about the headset. I always take my own folding headset with aircraft plug adaptors, problem solved and you get the quality you know and like. Besides, if you booked and paid for this flight in USD then you got it at a real bargain price given the nose dive the Aussie dollar has been in for the last few months. Good work; good review and you didn't gush like so many annoying flight reviewers. Cheers, BH Hobart, TAS.

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