Today News: Qantas Perth to London behind the scenes

Today News: Qantas Perth to London behind the scenes

Australia News: Qantas Perth to London behind the scenes

Perth to London on a Qantas 787 Dreamliner is the world’s second longest flight – 17hours non-stop. See the Business Class seat, advantages of the Dreamliner, and get tips on long haul flights. Thanks to Qantas and Chris for chatting to me on camera about the Perth to London flight.

This vlog features the Qantas pop-up in Federation Square, Melbourne, showcasing the new Dreamliner service and what Western Australia has to offer.

This is not a sponsored video, however Qantas did let us keep the fluffy Quokka. So, ok, technically I was paid one quokka.

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Tracks by Epidemic Sounds

Filmed on a Canon EOSM6.


29 Replies to “Today News: Qantas Perth to London behind the scenes”

  1. Great Video Stef!
    Also Chris was in the New 2018 Qantas Safety Video.
    Here is the link if you haven’t seen the new video.
    You can see Chris at the start of the video at 0:14 in the new safety video.
    And if you can’t find him use this link provided through Chris’s instergram page
    Anyways thank you for making this video and i hope to see more of these videos in the future.
    Have a good day.

  2. In the days before all the buttons, I flew with Qantas from Syd to LAX. They gave me a sticker which read "Wake me for meals." I thought it would be hilarious to put the sticker on my office door at work..

  3. Stefan, you’re a natural at this and your editing/production skills are first rate. Now, it might just be me, but I subscribed because I too am a pilot (also flying a Cirrus SR20 out of YMMB) and I’m really interested in other people’s flying experiences – and I don’t mean as a passenger on a commercial airline or a visitor to an airlport lounge. Judging from other comments, I’m obviously the Lone Ranger on this, but my advice: stick to your knitting and get back in the left hand seat! I realise you want to differentiate yourself from a lot of others who document hours of straight and level flying, but you were already doing that with your insightful comments and useful tips. I think your recent posts where you shared your doubts and insecurities and your self-deprecating “Pilot error, I’m an idiot” we’re great examples of that.

  4. Thanks for this great video; didn't realise the Dreamliner could travel so far without re-fueling. I and my partner are going on the Dreamliner from LHR to Jamaica in a couple of weeks time and really looking forward to it.

  5. OMG ITS CHRISSSS! Chris is like the New Owen Beddal. He is on Ready for take off, he has thousands of followers. He is the youngest flight manager for Qantas as well… I think.

  6. I'm surprised and impressed, Chris was so knowledgable, friendly and natural… it wasn't forced or anything. It's great to see that Qantas want to put knowledgable and helpful people out there to advertise their product…unlike that other airline that just puts out the pretty ladies with red lipstick…..

  7. "Drinking is the worse thing you can do… Don't eat every time you're hungry, it'll get your stomach out of routine… Buy your own 1.25 litre of water… In fact don't ask an air steward to do anything for you. They don't call us Qantas cunts for no reason."

  8. Hi Stefan, will be flying to London via Perth in April 2019. Trust all people realise that Qantas will provide transport to and from the airport: unexpected bonus…….took advantage of the double status promotion; seems your advice from a previous email was needed. Beauty! Cheers and thanks

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