Today News: ROTTNEST ISLAND – How to Make the Most of your Day Trip from Perth

Today News: ROTTNEST ISLAND – How to Make the Most of your Day Trip from Perth

Australia News: ROTTNEST ISLAND – How to Make the Most of your Day Trip from Perth

Rottnest Island is just off the coast of Perth, Western Australia and home to some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the world. In this guide, I show you the best days to go, the best way to get around and the best places to stop off. Enjoy!
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39 Replies to “Today News: ROTTNEST ISLAND – How to Make the Most of your Day Trip from Perth”

  1. I was lucky enough to live and work on rotto for 9 weeks while on my working/holiday year and it was just perfect! If you can, spend the night (or a couple of nights) on the island, it is so nice and quiet when all the day trippers have left, proper paradise! There is a hostel on the island, but be sure to book ahead. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. those beaches were beautiful and your video shows them off well! White sand and crystal blue water…awesome! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see more of Perth!

  3. It’s honestly so nice to see you going to all these places that I love so much ❤️ haven’t been to Rottnest in yeaaarsss but watching this makes me want to go back again. It’s easy to forget when all the beaches are just on our doorstep !

  4. Loved this video! Reminded me of my trip to Rottnest a few years ago – we had lunch in Salmon Bay which as you said was a perfect stop before tackling the hill to the lighthouse! And the quokkas are the best!

  5. It looks like such an amazing island! How long would you say it would take to bike around it nonstop? … not sure why, feel like i've asked this before… like deja vu 😛

  6. Hey, what`s up?
    Im moving in to Perth this March, and Im looking for some place to stay.
    What would be the best area in Perth in your opinion? Im thinking in Northbridge (nightlife), but an opinion from someone not actually from Perth would be great.
    This is as awkward as it gets. ahahahaah

  7. I have no plans to visit Australia any time soon but this video was so well done and fun and informative that now I want to go to Rottnest Island! Although I am terrified of boats so maybe I'll have to swim XD

  8. I so wanna go back to Rottnest, went there back in 2007 and did the bus tour, a packed minibus on a hot day was a bit of a mistake.
    I said friends after i went that its such an amazing place that if i were to propose to someone special on Rottnest is where i'd like to do it.

  9. Nice video.  I've got to visit the most "rottenest" island someday.  So far I've only been to the right side of Australia.  Getting to Perth all the way from California is a lot of time to be stuffed in an airplane.  🙁

  10. Hey guys! New subscribers here. It's nice to meet you. We are starting our RTW adventure in Australia this July! Until then, we're living vicariously through other travelers like you. Thanks for all the tips and hints!

  11. My wife and I are going this year. Good information. Not interested much in beaches, but the wildlife looks most interesting. How long does it take to bike around the whole island, if you never stopped? I know different people go different speeds, but I am trying to get a rough idea,

  12. Thanks for the wonderful video. I will be going in early Oct on a weekend. Will the place be crowded then , considering it is still quite cool? I hope it won't be too deserted to cycle alone round the island?

  13. im from Malaysia, really love ur vid. good tips. plus im also planning to go to Rottnest Island. just want to ask you a little bit of questions, do i need to buy the ticket online or what..

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