Today News: Tactical, Stealth, Minimalistic! Spinnaker Spence Automatic Dive Watch (SP-5063) – Perth WAtch #185

Today News: Tactical, Stealth, Minimalistic! Spinnaker Spence Automatic Dive Watch (SP-5063) – Perth WAtch #185

Australia News: Tactical, Stealth, Minimalistic! Spinnaker Spence Automatic Dive Watch (SP-5063) – Perth WAtch #185

Review of this automatic diver courtesy of Spinnaker Watches, featuring a sandblasted case, Seiko NH35A movement, and 200m WR!
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SPINNAKER Spence SP-5063-01 (feat. Seiko NH35A)
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14 Replies to “Today News: Tactical, Stealth, Minimalistic! Spinnaker Spence Automatic Dive Watch (SP-5063) – Perth WAtch #185”

  1. A very nice value diver, for sure. The bezel reminds me somewhat of the Seiko Mohawk and I suppose it is actually covering most real life measurement spans of only 15 minutes. Lumed bezels are a nice touch, too. Applied indices are quite handsome and similarly shaped to the Helm Vanuatu if a bit smaller. I remain a sucker for display backs, particularly with a colored, signed rotor. Lack of a bracelet option is the only real downfall for me. Didn't see one at first glance of their website but Strapcode Miltat aftermarket bracelets could serve, at the extra cost. And would sapphire really have broken the bank? Hmm.

    All in all, a pretty aesthetic at a modest price. Thanks!

  2. I've banned myself from buying affordables in favour of one luxury watch a year but I do like the look of this. The strap is not important but it should have a sapphire crystal. I forgive Seiko and Orient entry divers being mineral because of their proven toughness over many years. All the new entrants have much to prove. My next purchase about next May will probably be a MOT(F)M as a compatriot of yours would say. Predictable but safe. 🙂 Good review.

  3. I couldn't agree more with your assestment on this diver's watch model.

    I prefer their Panerai homage model over this diver's watch due to conflicting design concept.

    Apart from their leather straps, inedequate lume markers or markings renders their diver's bezel tool function useless.

    On the flip side, the dial's face ques closely to Tudor's black bay divers, except the snowflake hands and that aviator's cross.

    If stealth design or minimalist strategy really is their goal for this diver's watch, they certainly did messed up with this tool watch which is anything confused but stealthy minimalist.

    They mind as well follow Panerai's suit on their Fiddy diver's with only 30 meters water resistant rating.
    What a joke.

    I'll give this a pass for better diver's watch such as Orient's Mako XL or even better, that Panerai Fiddy 30 meters water resistant rating! Lol.

  4. Good review Ivan! A really cool piece that ticks a lot of boxes for me, especially the dimensions, the slightly over-sized crown and sand-blasted case. At a discounted price I think one can forgive the crystal – also (like most folks I reckon) I tend to ditch supplied straps at this price-range in favour of my own anyhow. Helps if you decide to sell it on as well. A budget winner IMHO!

  5. All automatic watches worth owning must have a sapphire crystal, hackable hand winding mouvements, a decent ss bracelet that can easily swapped out for another strap or a decent quality strap. The indices, chapter rings, bezels must line up. Time keeping + 10 to – 10 sec per day. Now adjust selling price accordingly. This of course is just my snobbish opinion.

  6. I love the look and have modded several watches right down to the bead blasting to look look just like it. You could almost say they copied me, lol. Sapphire crystals were a lot more important to me before I discovered the glass watch crystal protectors you can buy on Amazon. I even put them on my watches with sapphire crystals. I love the non glare oleophobic coating they use on them. Keep up the great content!

  7. Interesting watch. I can’t say I’m a fan of this watch. It’s rather lackluster. There have be one or two Spinnaker watches I’ve been interested in, but they have no bracelets on their watches in their catalog.

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