Today News: WA Meteor | 9 News Perth

Today News: WA Meteor | 9 News Perth

Australia News: WA Meteor | 9 News Perth

The hunt is on for whatever is left of a meteor that lit up the sky and triggered emergency calls with a massive explosion and flash of light.


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  1. big bang was 13.8 billion years ago (not 4.5 billion), and it most definitely did not create this asteroid, or any other heavy element. Get your facts straight before announcing them as news would ya, some poor kid just got his homework wrong coz of you lot.

  2. In the national forrest they have secret bases under ground where milliatary and aliens both co exist and work together hence why you will from time to time come acceoss strange lights flying over national forrests ever wonder why half of the national forrest is cur off to main public also researcj interdimennsion portals in national forrests

  3. The other funny bit is that anytime sometime falls into Earths atmosphere if it isn't an organized and planned approximation etc of a man made unit, out come the evolution nut cakes again… again….etc.

  4. I heard it in Northam. A loud bang to the south followed by a deep rumble lasting about 10 seconds with smaller intermittent sonic booms between. A bit like Skylab only shorter. A signature different to thunder even though thunder had been forecast…

  5. The solar system wasn't created in the big bang. It came much later. Big bang was over 13B years ago. Solar system is only 4B years old. That rock isn't left over from creation of the universe… 🙂

  6. I was rooting me aboriginal missis and I heard this huge bang.i t was an alien she-male with a massive erection.the alien then started to jack off while another alien had gay sex with another alien

  7. Ha haha. Big bang garbage. They just can't stop themselves from plugging that garbage. That is called programming. They are teaching you to think it is real. It was only ever an idea. A theory. ie someones imagination. Turning an innocent light in the sky into evolution dogma. Programming. Do you believe it? Do you believe the 'tell a lie through vision'??? ???

  8. Okay. How exactly do they know how old it is? Just dumb guessing. Dumb science. Most likely from Jupiter…maybe Saturn. It's about as bad as astronomers confident in stating what planets are like hundreds of light years away. Yet, the books of Jupiter had to be rewritten, after we sent satellites.
    It is interesting though, that the great Stephen Hawking, predicted that Earth's most likely disaster scenario from space, will be a meteor/asteroid, exploding in the atmosphere.

  9. These pink skinned British background peasants on the news feel they can just say anything. For one, the BIG BANG is just a theory preached by that pathetic British peasant Charles Darwin who also preached other nonsense such as people evolving from the apes and that the Blacks are at the bottom of his imaginary evolutionary scale and that the pink skins who claim to be white are at the top of the scale. I am a Northern Italian, I am a white man we conquered the pigs and we conquered those pathetic Jew and we taught the them about hygiene with our plumbing and I don't believe in the imagination of a peasant.Nature hates these lovers of the gays and transvestites and I believe this meteorite is a warning to the nation because it is a nation which hates the natural and loves being vile.

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