Western Australia: Behind the Blue Line: Untold Australia – 2018 Documentary

Western Australia: Behind the Blue Line: Untold Australia – 2018 Documentary

Video Summary

Told through the experiences of its frontline cops and the specialised Multicultural Unit, this documentary explores how they police Mirrabooka, a community home to 70% of Perth’s new migrants, 62 different nationalities – a community that speaks over 100 different languages. The delicate and serious issues the officers encounter over a 10-hour shift are astounding. How do you navigate so many complexities, enforce the law, break down cultural barriers, start to build trust, and deal with obscure conundrums like finding a marijuana-laden skip bin in a carpark?


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  1. Fuck off Australia! True Aboriginal ppl with no cross breading with white British assholes are more honest than any whitie. Now you idiots have to deal with Africans hahahaha. Fuck the British corrupt rule of the leftist liberal monarchy communism. Assholes!

  2. this domestic violence is whole load of rubbish. Women only know how to whinge and complain. They get a muslim woman to talk about domestic violence on purpose because they always want to blame the religion. The religion will never change no matter what they do. You can never change the true teachings and commands of GOD

  3. Every time i called the police to help me when my ex wife lost her shit and assaulted me, they did fucking nothing. Then when she fucking tried to stab me, i had enough and defended myself and i was arrested. Go fuck yourself Australia and your pathetic approach to domestic violence against males. And especially, go fuck yourself Australian Police.

    Did I just watch Australia or Somalia?

  4. Fuck these pig cunts, will break the law whenever it suits them. Just look at the filthy pig who smashed into the 70 year old lady a few months ago in Sydney, while speeding at 160 kmh with no sirens on, he was superposed to face court today, guess what ? he just didn't turn up to court…….. One rule for us public and another for the pigs. FTP , only good cops a dead cop and the people sticking up for them are just lucky to of not (yet) had the corrupt arm of the law put a boot on their throat

  5. What a load of shit. Anyone who’s dealt with Victorian police would know they are the most disgusting group of people you have ever meet. More to the point the wodonga police are criminal – deliverance country. Backwards idiots. They would let their mates get away with anything – then put out fantasy arrest warrants. Scary ABUSE OF POWER.
    And that’s just wodonga – any dealings iv had been pulled over by federal police have actually been polite and seem to have at least some level of critical thinking – I believe the feds have to be tertiary educated – it sure makes a difference.

  6. Nice PR piece for the WA police, but it does not reflect the reality of the general public's interactions with law enforcement in WA.
    There is still a culture of arrogance and authoritarianism within our police force. This may only be a smaller percentage of the current workforce, but it still affects everyday people going about their business.
    I am a law abiding citizen and have only ever had police interactions over minor (mainly traffic) infractions or as a victim of crime. I ALWAYS have endeavoured to pass the "attitude test" with every interaction as I am a polite person in general… Sometimes this will make no difference at all and you will be singled out for no obviously apparent reason. I don't know if it is endemic to the work culture of police here or if there is a push from upper-management/government to penalise the populace to raise revenue… Either way, from my (thankfully) limited interactions there is indeed a portion of the WA police force that are either, at best, unethical in their their dealings with the public and some that are downright corrupt in their behaviour over even minor offences. None of this is addressed in this documentary.

    Woe betide you if you come across one of these officers, it is not pleasant. I now protect myself with a dash cam/phone and record all interactions for my own protection.

    Until mandatory body cams and dash cams for all officers and police vehicles are introduced, the citizens of WA will still, on occasion come across (to their detriment) these elements that believe that they are beyond reproach and can basically create whatever narrative they want, ensuring that a person is penalised regardless of whether they have acted lawfully or not.

    I do not feel comfortable filming the police in public here, even though it is legal, it will most likely cause you trouble and there and numerous cases where officers have stopped or attempted to stop people from recording interactions/events when they have no legal right to do so.

    Have a look at some of the recent police internal affairs investigations vs the ACCC investigations to see the discrepancies and inconsistencies.

    TL:DR – This is a "rose tinted glasses" representation of the Perth police force, there are bad/corrupt cops that can act with relative impunity and until the government mandates that all police interactions MUST be filmed/recorded these rogue element will continue to exist. 😐

  7. Taking drugs off low level criminals does not solve the drug problem,they will only go looking for more..drug programmes alleviate some of the problems..going after the top level drug financiers and importers will solve the problem..but they wear suits,have lawful occupations and contacts in the heirarchy and are mostly above suspicion..

  8. Yeah hard core propaganda. And the reason Australia has a low crime rate is mostly because it has a large amount of natural resources and so the country has enough money to support people with wealthfare. There is no real constructive industry here apart from mining, education and agriculture and it's mostly mining and agriculture. So it's just basically using the land to make money from corporate tax then giving some of it to the public so it doesn't become like America. Also Australia's large land mass in comparison to its population allows it to be wealthy per capita and in turn law abiding. The police mostly just patrol during the day and try to make money from the middle class with strict traffic laws and high fines. Not many are out patrolling at night in comparison to large American cities like Chicago. I see police all day around Perth than at 3 am I see aboriginals going around looking through cars. I live in a good area Mt Hawthorn and my car got broken into twice in 10 months. Good work police! keep up the 9 to 5 shifts and suppress the middle class while making ridiculous amounts of money for the government. At least the government pays it back in wealthfare and healthcare. LoL

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