Western Australia: Gold at Western Australia

Western Australia: Gold at Western Australia

Video Summary

In this video we travel to Western Australian Gold field in our search for Gold.
In this trip I am with my good friends Marty and Warren who are both Professional Gold Prospectors.

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39 Replies to “Western Australia: Gold at Western Australia”

  1. Great video once again Fammo, I reckon I was the bloke who left the sunbaker for you lol,
    I was halfway between Murrin and Red last month for 3 weeks, was based in Leonora and drove out and back every day, i made the track look civilised lol,
    First 2 weeks had the place to myself then an army of vehilces arrived with 4 wheelers etc so after being crowded out in the blue, left for cue which was nearly as crowded.

  2. First off-beautiful scenery-would have to go 1,800 miles here to the far west to find land like that here in the states. In your camping shot–did your buddy have solar panels there on the ground?
    NOTHING better than pancakes for breakfast-but never heard of Lemon juice on them-more of a butter and maple syrup kind of guy, lol.
    Is that public land or private? Great job, over 14 grams for the week!!!
    Diggin' w/ Rob!

  3. Great nugget hunt Jim.Congrats! I would be hunting it in Canada if we had deposits like that. Trip to Oz on my bucket list. Pancakes looked yummy. Sun baker now in my vocabulary. HH, Sebastian

  4. Are the lizards good eating ? I have never seen sugar and lemon on a pancake. We smother ours in butter and maple syrup, LOL. Now you get the sweet taste of gold for desert. Very nice mate. Take care and find lots more fella !

  5. Very nice Tony. That's a good chunk of change there. Big congrats!
    Every time I watch you out there it makes me wonder if there is any Gold left in the area I live in. Not sure if you have heard of it before, but I live very very close to Goldvein, Va. Back in the day I believe there was about 28 gold mine sites scattered about here. I would imagine it has had it's share of prospectors hit this area ever since. It would almost be worth it to invest some money in equipment and find out. Oh well…it's nice to dream about it tho 🙂
    Thanks for taking us along. Enjoyed seeing you out there having a good time.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Take care and happy hunting.

  6. Hey Tony…
    Have a Go Anna Lol…
    And the Leyland Brothers……….
    Where is my breaky Mate.!!!
    Bloody smokers… Al Foil Dang It.
    Beautiful GOLD Mate Finally.
    And again and again.
    Go The Eagles Mate…
    Are you sure they are not Vultures and the Gonna really a Komodo Dragon
    Coming to eat you guy's…
    And a Sun Baker Brother… GO YOU!!!
    Your a Friggen LEGEND Mate. Happy Days…
    Thank You For Sharing.
    GL & HH Neil
    Diggers Down Under

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