Western Australia: Gold/metal Detecting Western Australia 2017 pt 1

Western Australia: Gold/metal Detecting Western Australia 2017 pt 1

Video Summary

This is pt 1of 5 of my prospecting trip to Western Australia in 2017 where l found 925 grams of gold nuggets and gold specimens, hope you enjoy.


32 Replies to “Western Australia: Gold/metal Detecting Western Australia 2017 pt 1”

  1. G'Day mate, how are you?
    I've never searched for gold, but I'm definitely interested in giving it a go.
    Would you mind me asking what type of detector and other equipment you use please.
    And how much it would set me back too get set up as a beginner please.
    Any and all info you can share would be appreciated bigtime, cheers.

  2. I often find myself thanking nature, that I wasn't born in some 3rd world shit hole like Africa. But damn NM you hit the jackpot. I live a relative life of luxury in England UK. But I'm so envious of you and your hobby surrounded by the best nature on the planet… Keep the uploads/vid's coming matey. Beats watching all the crap on tv.

  3. Hello congratulations your videos are great I would like to know if you would indicate some detector but in account because the one you use here in Brazil does not have the minimum condition to buy thank you good hunts

  4. Love Ya Bro! finally sittn down to watchyour newest! Cheers from California Mate! been down here hiding from the idaho Snow, and visting Mum. All the Best. jd

  5. Great job Russell…always enjoy watching your adventures! Just wondering why you have changed to headphones over the last season? I found it beneficial for me when you used the speaker.When you picked up targets, it was just like being there for us at home! Did the speaker make you miss faint targets?

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