Western Australia: Gold/Metal Detecting Western Australia 2017 pt 5

Western Australia: Gold/Metal Detecting Western Australia 2017 pt 5

Video Summary

Here’s the link to my Patreon account, all contributions are solely for the purpose of making better quality and more frequent videos.

This video contains my finds as l follow a run of specimen gold and try to find the source, it is the final video of my 2017 gold hunt, thanks for watching.


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  1. You should tape a small slice of potato over that wart on the tip of ur middle finger and change it every 5 days it will go away in a couple weeks. Don't change the potato until about 5 days the bacteria that are breaking down the potato is what actually kills the wart, change out the potato every five days should go away quick.

  2. NM- You are the Specie King " Great Finds Mate! How Many Days do you spend in the field on these hunts I forget? jus wondering? Thanks for posting your trips as always. jd

  3. Awesome "blue" quartz speci there mate!!! I`ve seen blue quartz from vic but never from W.A. I`m pretty sure blue quartz is fairly rare anywhere, so i would make that one a keeper or sell as is, what`s your thoughts on that dude?

  4. Hi NM….Enjoy your videos. I prospect here in the West and have been doing rather well with my 4500 would like to show my finds if interested can contact me kreider959@iprimus.com.au
    Have a question to ask. What is the largest coil you have used successfully with the 4500? I have been having good results with a 14 inch AI coil on the lakes but want to go bigger if feasible. My go to coil when soil quieter is usually a 14'' Nugget finder elliptical.
    Cheers Gary

  5. Thanks as always so inspiring and I always get excited when I see you have posted some new Vids 🙂 I missed what you said earlier and was wondering why no Videos of the actual digging was this for privacy reasons ? anyway thanks Mate can't wait till you get out there again Cheers

  6. thats a lot of rain mate…nice chunky Gold….now that's an egg….beautiful specimen….love the iron stone on Gold….surprised you haven't found the reef yet….too bad you can trench the area to find it…from what I have seen you are right on top of it…but which direction?

  7. What a great bunch of videos im glad i didnt miss any of them kind of bummed its over so fast but what beautiful specimens id be damned secretive too if i was in your shoes! Thankyou for the effort of taking me along til next video atb Russ.

  8. I have said it before and I will say it again. You are my hero. I would love to buy you a beer and pick your brain. I'm coming to the end of a 6 year plan to take up prospecting, the research and area has been chosen, the gear is sorted and so are the funds and as soon as I am made redundant from this project I'll have the time. All I have to do now is build the vehicle and I am off into the bush. Your videos are informative and inspirational thank you.

  9. Thanks for sharing. Your running commentary really helps me understand how you operate and how you process the daily progress. So helpful. Good luck next year, sounds like a bachoe could come in handy. Mike

  10. A true Nugget Magnet for sure. Just when i think my gold fever is in check you go and flash all that shiny yellow all up my face hehe and those specie's WOW. Can't wait until the 2018 season and if we run into each other the first beer is on me. Cheers Nick 🙂

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