Western Australia: Learn to Not Blame Yourself | Ajahn Brahm | 25 May 2018

Western Australia: Learn to Not Blame Yourself | Ajahn Brahm | 25 May 2018

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As a novice monk in Thailand, Ajahn Brahm often got sleepy during meditation and felt hopeless until one day he realised it wasn’t his fault. Ajahn Brahm teaches us to not blame ourselves because difficulties are great learning opportunities. Please support the BSWA in making teachings available for free online via Patreon:

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33 Replies to “Western Australia: Learn to Not Blame Yourself | Ajahn Brahm | 25 May 2018”

  1. AB: I love listening to you but quit criticising trump. I like him a lot too. When you criticize him it makes you look shallow and trying too hard to be popular or go along with the crowd. Trump is good and many are sick of the bully cult mentality that you have to dislike him. Brahm you're better than that. Obama, Clinton were just as "bad", if not more so.
    If you're going to address Trump i would hope it would be a Buddhist method of encouraging people to not go along with the crowd, to prejudge, just because he's "republican".

  2. "It all comes back to this idea of a sense of ego and self and pride and conceit of thinking 'I'm right and everyone else is wrong. No one understands me. No one is hearing me. No one can really empathize with me.' All you're really saying is you're not hearing yourself, you're not empathizing with yourself, you're not understanding yourself, and you're transferring that as a problem to other people." — 7:55

  3. I enjoy the talks as well. This one is titled "Learn not to Blame Yourself" but there was more talk about blaming others. I cannot veil the fact that I do blame others. Although, I blame myself much more. I am very critical of myself. I wished he had spoke on this a bit more.
    I was a bit disappointed that Ajahn Brahm voiced his opinion of Trump leaving the white house. Regardless, of ones view we should do our best to send positive loving thoughts to them. The people we hold the most contempt for need our loving thoughts the most. Perhaps he was only making light of Trump…

  4. We're only responsible for what we say, do and how we treat others. Sometimes we blame ourselves for things that isn't our fault or beyond our control or allow ourselves to be others scape goats. Great talk! Especially on don't try to be perfect, as it means we have a learning curve and make progress and develop. Blaming others is pointless too, it's their mistakes to learn from and they know that. Will have to remember that way of thinking!

  5. @ 20 mins – I was punched awake by then-husband, full fist to the back, for snoring. Thank you, Ajahn for understanding that people suffering from abuse need a safe place to rest 🙂

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