Western Australia: Metal Detecting Gold in Western Australia 2018

Western Australia: Metal Detecting Gold in Western Australia 2018

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  1. Cheers from Idaho" good to see your on the Gold "AS ALWAYS"! BTW ? that Hawk sure looked like a Peregrine Falcon we have here in the USA, guess what Australia has them as well! Same Bird…jd

  2. have you used a geological map to determine where gold bearing materials might be? Rockd from the google app store is pretty good. Be interesting to see if geological maps can help, just a thought anyway.

  3. I'll be coming to Australia from the US to pick up my next puppy I was wondering what I have to do to find and keep gold while I'm there regulations wise.

  4. I enjoy watching your videos, but I would like to point out that when doing videos for the public it's important not to use the heard phones when detecting. We enjoy hearing the sounds of the GPX finding Gold.

  5. iv watched most of your vids great viewing fun as usual i use a 5000 a friend from bendigo uses a 4500 and either machine we run a prefered rx.gain of 14 and stabalizer at 6 my feet are burning to get back out buga

  6. You truly are a blessed man. God is mightily fond of you… Now the just go on back and find all the rest of the blessings God has waiting for you… God's word has give us God's promise "Seek and you will FIND" You sure did prove that promise is true… Rejoyous and be glad for the blessings you find today…. Many more blessings to you my friend… BBE..

  7. So so glad you're back, it's good to be out there with you again. I have really missed it. Probably the best prospecting vids on the tube. You should show all your digs.

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