Western Australia: Old ruins around Rockingham in Western Australia

Western Australia: Old ruins around Rockingham in Western Australia

Video Summary

I went for a couple hours exploring around Rockingham south of Perth in Western Australia.

Based off one location I got from someone off Facebook I looked around on Google earth and found a few more sites.

I was surprised there was still so much around.

Rockingham – Location -32.278197° 115.721964°
Bell’s Cottage – Location -32.262455° 115.781339°
Chesterfield Stables – Location -32.262578° 115.777865°
Chesterfield Inn – Location -32.264304° 115.777818°
Mead Homestead – Location -32.273620° 115.789522°


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  1. Hey JJ  a good friend of mine is the care taker of the BLYTHE COTTAGE in Pinjarrah and its open to the public on weekends restored to original spec's ….ask for Vince very noledgable on all thing Heritage unlike my spelling….lol

  2. You were down in my backyard. Bell's Cottage is a real mess, it is a real shame more wasn't done to preserve it. They love to stick fences around old buildings to 'protect' them and then just leave them to deteriorate. There are some old mill workers shacks up in Jarrahdale that they did restore, then fenced them off and left them. The vandals got in and ruined the whole lot. It is great to see the work they have been doing on the Chesterfield inn. That was in shocking condition when we last saw it. There is another old house (Day Cottage) it is viewable from the road but is on private property. It looks like that is going to be left to collapse as well, which is sad as it could still be restored. There is a good example of a restored building not far away at Leda (Sloan's Cottage). I love these old places.

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