Western Australia: Sailing Western Australia THE BEST Part 1 – Sailing Tangaroa

Western Australia: Sailing Western Australia THE BEST Part 1 – Sailing Tangaroa

Video Summary

North Western Australia is where the desert meets the sea, rugged, dry & a unique coastline, huge cliffs, crazy different islands, dutch ship wrecks and an array of wild life both above and below the ocean.
Tangaroa our wharram catamaran and captain James & first mate Hannah sailed 1500 nautical miles on a 6 month journey living off the ocean, diving with whales, sharks, dugongs and exploring some epic places! Join us with the drone and go pro as we show you some of the most remote locations….
This is part 1, stay tuned for part 2 in the remote Kimberlies.

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All music is local Australian artists.

Hein Cooper (Ulladulla), Miss Max (Coral Bay), Ziggy Alberts (Byron Bay). Check them out!

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Thanks much love Hanski, James and Tangaroa xo


43 Replies to “Western Australia: Sailing Western Australia THE BEST Part 1 – Sailing Tangaroa”

  1. Hi Guys, your footage is truly unbelievable, it is some of the best I've ever seen…. And I've watched a lot of sailing videos on YouTube …… Well done……… Wow…..

  2. Hiya Hannah and James, love your videos of the west coast. Takes me back to my 4years in Exmouth where I had a Tiki 21, venturing south to Shark Bay and North to Dampier and out to the Montes. Humpbacks, turtles, dugongs, whale sharks I saw it all. What an awesome part of Australia. My Tiki would go any and every where. I loved that boat. Also I believe you know Tim and Anna from Elliston who really were right out there in their adventures. Watching these videos just makes me want to be back there. Thanks heaps. Rob

  3. I`m truly stunned by the `thumbs down `brigade.. How can you possibly be negative about a video as good as this.. The content, time and expertise spent editing and compiling music.. For you and I to watch, for free!..
    If you can`t for whatever reason give a thumbs up to it then at least behave like an adult rather than a petulant child and just say nothing.. Shame on you…

  4. Goges and Hanna -You are really nailing it. Best video yet- just loved it, so professional.
    Freaky number of sharks you were swimming with –Bronzies I assume. Doggole comes home in December. He is going to be green with envy when he see's your footage.
    Keep up the great work. Richard.

  5. Hello Hannah & James, this video is full of atmospheric drone shots, great views of wildlife, beautiful vistas, sunsets and seascapes all set to a contemporary sound track, the entire video could literally be B-roll from any sailing channel on youtube!

    What draws me to your channel and your normal videos is your own quirky style and honest joy about what you are doing, which shows through each of your normal videos, this one sadly in spite of the breathtaking scenery and atmospheric sound track had all the soul of an infomercial!

  6. You guys are amazing, jaw dropping way of life and such skills in videoografy and editing. You know how to reach right in to the hearts of a Swedish couple tucked in from an early autumn storm.

  7. This is gorgeous cinematography. Well done! What an adventure. I really like the pacing – I like that you didn't try to turn it into a fast-paced montage to show how exciting it is. It's a cool, chill, gorgeous spot, so a chill video suits very well. Subscribed.

  8. The chosen musical talent is always coorigraphed beautifully. Reminds me of following Phish around NY and to Toronto in '99 when my heart was lamenting Jerry Garcia's death. I couldn't afford a boat so I found myself sleeping in my car and couch surfing these venues. Its too bad more young ppl don't just let go of the materialism trap for a time of peace to discover their gypsy hearts. Thanks for reminding me.

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